Track & Ring Conditioner

The Track & Ring Conditioner has been designed to do a 2-step process in 1 step. Using the chiseled harrow tines, the conditioner breaks up clumped/packed footing surfaces. The levelling blade simultaneously smoothes out the surface, resulting in a neat and even footing.

  • Easy-to-use one pass operation
  • Removes & conditions footing in corners
  • Two blade sizes—8′ and 6′ available
  • Standard category 1-3 point hitch
  • Powder-coated paint for increased durability
  • Two-way adjustable blade
  • Six depth adjustments
  • Extra parts available

Track & Ring Pull Behind Conditioner

  • Same features as the standard conditioner
  • Can be pulled behind large garden tractors, ATVs, cars, trucks, and gators
  • Wheel kit for travel over grass & driveways
  • Blade is adjustable in pitch & angle

Track & Ring Conditioner Parts


Tine Assembly with Points (6.5")

  • Part # TRC8-1
  • Agricultural tines penetrate into the soil better than rods or spikes

Tine Points (6.5")

  • Part # TRC8-2
  • Double ended for twice the life
  • Made to dig into packed soil

Heavy Duty Tine Points (7.5")

  • Part # TRC8-TP
  • Double ended for twice the life
  • Made to dig into packed soil

Tine Nut and Bolt

  • Part # TRCTB
  • Special bolt and nut to attach the tine tooth to the S-tine

Tine Brackets

  • Part # TRCTINE
  • This tine bracket attaches the S-tine to the flat bar on the arena conditioner

(K) Blade Post (Painted)

  • Part # TRC-BP


(K) Adjuster Bar

  • Part # TRC-HB

(K) Track & Ring Straight Bar

  • Part # TRC-SB

(K) Track & Ring S-Bar

  • Part # TRC-SBB