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Odyssey Performance Equine Cold Water Thunder Spa

Thunder Spa

We guarantee that our Thunder Spa is the strongest and sturdiest livestock spa available on the market. It's engineered to operate in the harshest of environments with a holding tank made from stainless steel ensuring quality and reliability. The patented mechanically bonded liner and swing doors are designed for maximum safety for your animals. We have also modernized the user interface, doing away with manu valves in favour of a more user-friendly press-button control system as well as sensors that alert the operator to low water levels, eliminating the chance of air suction.

Detailed Specifications


Odyssey Performance Equine Cold Water Thunder Spa with Horse


  • More efficient filtration due to a larger tank
  • Open concept design lowers risk of claustrophobia for horses
  • Speed dial controls
  • Fully customizable therapy length with the use of an electric timer
  • Oxygen levels are optimized due to therapeutic side jets



Heal Both Body & Mind

The water's aeration expands its measure of oxygen, which may help in the healing of your animals. The massaging feature also aids in the dispersal of built-up fluids while relaxing your horse.