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Keeping horses strong for over 20 years.

Odyssey Performance Equine Cold Water Thunder Spa

Thunder Spa

The Odyssey Thunder Spa is the strongest, heaviest spa on the market—guaranteed. With swing doors for safety and a patented mechanically bonded liner for years of durability, the Thunder Spa is engineered to withstand the harshest of working environments. Press-button controls remove the need for manual valves, and low water sensors eliminate the possibility of air suction. A stainless steel holding tank maintains reliability and quality. 

Detailed Specifications


Odyssey Performance Equine Cold Water Thunder Spa with Horse


  • Oversized tank for better filtration
  • Open design—less claustrophobic for horses
  • Variable speed blower motor controlled by a speed dial
  • Electronic timer to program length of therapy
  • Side therapeutic jets to optimize oxygen levels



Heal Both Body & Mind

The aeration of the water increases the amount of oxygen in the water, which is thought to aid in the healing process. It also provides a massaging action, which not only aids in the dispersal of accumulated fluids, but also produces a relaxing effect on the horse. Horses stand more quietly in moving water than in still water.