Horse Exercisers

Leading the way towards better Equine Fitness: Get the Odyssey Advantage

Regular daily exercise is essential for the health and well being of horses. A controlled exercise routine is also paramount when rehabilitating injured animals. If you have an available paddock, you can turn them out, but there is little assurance that they will get the exercise they need.  Riding or driving to exercise and condition is time consuming and costly.  Trainers need a way to simultaneously exercise several horses at a time at a controlled pace for optimum performance and efficiency.

Performance Trainer

This is our professional series free-run horse exerciser. It is available in several sizes, configurations and options. These units are the most cost effective exercisers for the large professional barn.

Essential Exerciser

Over 20 years ago Odyssey introduced its first free-range equine exerciser and changed the way the horse industry trains and conditions its athletes. Now, with safety and reliability always top priorities we introduce the New Odyssey Essential exerciser.